"Wishes to Fulfill" Cover
Another Michael's 2nd album out September 2023.

Critter & Guitari

Much of my time is spent building instruments, eating snacks, forgetting how to fold boxes, and cleaning clogged 3D printer nozzles. But I also get to do some other fun stuff.
A small sampling of Fun Stuff!   

Organelle M animation.

Hand-drawn, for social media promotion.

Fun sound effects made for Instagram by
Chris Knollmeyer

Video with fun sound effects here.

Selected voiceover work.

That is indeed my voice.

I know it is funny, I know it is cool,
maybe you'd like to hire me, 
so yeah please do!

Sometimes I make cool sounds, too.

It’s a group effort over at C&G studios. We love to make the cool noises! Sometimes I like the cool noises I make with them.

Alternate cover for Another Michael's stripped back and reworked 'New Music and Big Pop.'
Released on Run For Cover Records, 2021

Selection of infographic and editorial pieces for DotDash

River Ends, 2018
Stapled risograph comic, 28 pages